I have been a resident of Santa Clarita my entire life. This wonderful community has done a great deal for my family, helping us through some difficult times. It’s nearly impossible for me to even hope to give back as much as we have received, but I’m certainly going to try.

I’m running for city council because I want to be your voice in City Hall. It’s my way of repaying everything Santa Clarita has done for me. In addition to opening communication to all residents so I can better represent you, I’m going to do something more direct, by donating my City Council paycheck to local causes.

Every month I will select from local causes that I have found, or have been suggested to me, and post them online. Each cause will have a description, and why I feel the cause is deserving of some funding. Then it will be up to you, the voters, to decide how the money is distributed.

The local causes will not be limited to tax deductible charities either; anything local that could make use of some funding. From a crowdfunding campaign for a resident in need, to a local teacher in dire need of supplies, or even someone that’s fallen on hard times that needs a bill or two paid.

Now, there is a couple caveats here. By “paycheck,” I mean whatever the actual check amount comes to, which is after taxes, etcetera. City Council members are paid approximately $1,800 per month for their service. Whatever the net amount is that gets sent to me is what I will contribute to the program. The other caveat is that I’ll contribute the paycheck each month, unless something personal comes up that doesn’t allow. For example, an unforeseen medical bill that isn’t covered by insurance. Should such an occasion arise, I will be transparent and make an announcement at the earliest possible time.

If I win, I will donate my Santa Clarita City Council paycheck to local causes

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