An update to the Sean Weber Saga

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An update to the Sean Weber Saga


Two years ago I made the fateful decision to post the below blog post. At the time, I saw someone seeking public office making statements that were demonstrably false. My intention with the post was to draw out the reasons I felt the statements were false, and illustrate my conclusion with court documents and examples.

In retaliation, Mr. Weber sought and obtained a temporary civil restraining order against me. In subsequent interviews, Mr. Weber has admitted his claims to the court were false, and made clear the purpose of the temporary civil restraining order was to punish me for writing about his false claims and criminal background.

In the years since, there has been an ongoing court battle, which I’ve spoken about publicly in an abbreviated form, and an ongoing campaign of harassment towards me and my family at the direction of Mr. Weber.

I regret publishing the original blog post, not because I felt it was wrong to demonstrate the falsehoods of someone seeking public office, but because I did not anticipate the blowback and orchestrated harassment from a psychopath.

An Update to the Sean Weber Saga:

This update has been coming for two months. I actually had an entirely different post written detailing the events that have transpired since I wrote my initial post regarding Sean Weber’s bullying, and [expunged] criminal record. The other post is far lengthier than the original, but for legal reasons that will be made clear shortly, I have to resort to the abbreviated version for now.

Here are the facts:

  1. In 2004, Sean Weber was arrested and charged with two counts of intimidating and dissuading a victim.
  2. Subsequently, Sean Weber spent 6 days in jail [according to pg 26 court doc], was tried, sentenced to 36 months of probation and ordered to do 192 hours of community service. Weber did his community service hours at Bridge to Home in Santa Clarita
  3. Weber completed his community service, and filed for early termination of his probation and for the criminal case to be expunged, which was granted.
  4. In January 2017, Weber applied for the Santa Clarita City Council vacancy. During the process I believe he misled on two items: that he “volunteered” at the homeless shelter, and that he “worked with the Hart District” on an active shooter program.
  5. Through the course of the application process, Weber was argumentative and combative with anyone who drew his ire for such crimes as asking him background questions, or challenging his claims. He berated, harassed and threatened numerous people with legal action such as libel, slander, and defamation lawsuits.
  6. When I messaged him privately, he doubled down on his claims, made accusations of “knowing my girlfriend,” (he doesn’t) the context of which implies an explicit nature, and further attacked me, threatened legal action, and to involve private investigators, while also threatening my employment. He made statements that implied he talked to the dentist that I had criticized previously, and had uncovered some new information that contradicted the story. No such information exists.
  7. On May 2nd 2017, seeing his behavior continuing, I published a blog post detailing his disgusting, egregious, abhorrent, uncivil, threatening, litigious, and bullying conduct. The post contained my opinions based on disclosed evidence, and was vetted before publishing by Dave Casey, my attorney.
  8. On May 9th, 2017, Sean Weber and his attorney Troy Slaten decided the proper course of action was to file an application for a restraining order that I believe substantially misrepresented and misleadingly presented the facts.
  9. On June 22nd, Sean Weber filed a report with the sheriff claiming I had violated a temporary restraining order in an effort to have me arrested. The violation? Reposting a blog post of mine about “standing up to bullies,” and did not discuss Mr. Weber.
  10. There was some back and forth between attorneys between the initial filing, ultimately leading to a hearing on July 11th 2017 in which the judge was sufficiently mislead by Weber and Slaten’s gross misrepresentation of facts, and granted the restraining order.

July 11th Hearing

Days before the hearing, Weber’s attorney Troy Slaten delivered a reply to our rebuttal of Mr Weber’s assertions and claims in his initial restraining order filing. In response, Weber and Slaten grossly misrepresented facts and altered their argument from the initial filing. What had originally been described as “harassment via persistent messages and online communication” — a claim to which no evidence was submitted, because it did not exist — was now described as a fear based on fabrication and manipulation of the truth. Weber went digging through my social media profiles and found Twitter posts having nothing to do with him, some from 2015, and falsely implied they were violent and threatening. In reality, they were mundane banter, known memes, or my failed attempts at humor (seriously, one was a joke about an imaginary therapist, I wish I could make this stuff up).  With this level of gamesmanship, my existing attorney Dave Casey and I, decided to bring on the formidable Ken White (of Popehat infamy) as co-counsel.

At the hearing, the Judge ordered a recess and told us (really, the attorneys) to attempt a negotiation. Weber and attorney Slaten asked that I alter the blog post: 1) remove all occurrences of the word “criminal” 2) remove his photo 3) remove an address and phone number I had inadvertently missed in my redaction of the court documents and 4) Add information regarding the criminal case being expunged. In exchange, there would be a mutual “stay away” order between the two of us. There was also a threat of a possible defamation case.

Suffice to say, I didn’t find those terms agreeable.

The result is that the judge was misled by Weber and Slaten, and we were not given sufficient ability to counter their claims and misrepresentations. Ken White opted instead to limit the damage, and focus on the appeal.

Continuing the legal fight

The outcome of this case is unfortunate, primarily because now Sean Weber and Troy Slaten have a blueprint for how to stifle speech they don’t like in the future. Weber has made it clear he will threaten anyone who criticizes him with litigation, and if he is allowed to go unchallenged, I have no doubt he will be emboldened by this win and will use it as leverage against others in the future. For that reason, I will continue the legal battle to get this reversed, whatever the cost.

Sean Weber executed his threat to bring litigation against me because I stood up to him. He has threatened countless others for criticizing his behavior, and will likely continue unless someone fights back.

Miscreants and bullies like Sean Weber need decent people to stand up and challenge them. He seems to believe he can abuse and manipulate the legal system, bully people into submission, and intimidate and dissuade others from speaking out against his conduct. I will not let him go unchallenged.

With the support of my family and closest friends, I will fight the battle to the bitter end to ensure Sean Weber, and people like him, are unable to abuse their fellow human beings in such a disgusting way.

For those bullied by Sean Weber

If Weber has bullied, harassed, threatened legal action or made other efforts to intimidate you please get in touch with me; you can email me (brett[at]bretthaddock[dot]com). Many people have already shared their stories, and I want you to know you’re not alone. You can remain anonymous if you like. So long as I breathe, Sean Weber will not be allowed to continue his bullying without repercussion — I will catalog and write about his conduct, so do not fear retaliation from him.


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